August 6, 2015

Commercial Architecture: The Future Looks Bright with Drone Technology

drone flying near city

UAS, UAV or drone? All of these names describe an unmanned aircraft, but which is universally accepted? Most use the term drone, which can refer to any. More specifically, a UAV, also known as an unmanned airborne vehicle is simply the platform being flown without a pilot on board.  The newer term, UAS, refers to an unmanned airborne system, meaning there is a camera or any type of sensor attached.

These aircraft are a hot topic in technology. Charlie Mondello, chief industry strategist at EagleView Technologies and Property Drone Consortium president, feels these UASs can be extremely useful in a handful of industries by creating an intelligent image for a variety of uses.

Drones can be used to visualize structures and areas, allowing one to see fine details. With technology today, these aircraft are extremely safe, keeping a proper distance from the user as well as the object. However, FAA regulations add complexity to the use of drones, stressing the importance to fully understand the safety and usage of these aircraft before purchasing or operating them.

Listen to Mondello explain more about the future that lies ahead for drones in Commercial Convention podcast #50.

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