July 18, 2009

About Us

What Do We Do?

EagleView Technologies specializes in automating manual processes through technology. The insurance and construction industries rely on EagleView’s patented technology and methods to provide detailed, accurate measurements from aerial imagery. The company continues to develop new technologies that lead to improved efficiency and increased profits for businesses.

Our History & Mission

Bird HouseThe beginning of EagleView is really the story of two creative brothers-in-law: Dave Carlson, who was working in Southern California as a roofing contractor, and Chris Pershing, a software engineer in Seattle. In 2006, Dave struggled with the process of measuring roofs accurately and safely. In addition to sharing a family relationship, both Chris and Dave share something else. They both have a passion for solving problems and they continually ask, “Is there a better way”. As Chris and Dave discussed the challenges of accurately measuring roofs, they began researching to see if simple, accurate technology was available for determining roof measurements. They discovered that software did not exist and so they began collaborating on ways to create new technology to produce a remote roof measurement using available photography.

Chris started by using his wife’s ornamental birdhouses as models to prototype software that would create a 3D model of roofs using photographs. It was a collaborative process with Chris refining the prototypes using feedback from Dave’s field experience and measurements taken on actual roofs. After many months of collaboration, the two brothers-in-law had created some extremely accurate software and quickly filed a software patent.

EagleView was launched in February 2008 as the first remote aerial roof measurement service in history! The idea immediately caught on with roofing contractors throughout the country as they recognized the time savings, increased safety benefits and how the EagleView reports were increasing their job closing rates.

Insurance companies and adjusters were soon embracing EagleView as they too saw the benefits to an accurate, third-party report in the event of a claim. By the time EagleView was less than a year old, it had become the industry standard in aerial roof measurements.

Dave and Chris were instrumental in the early success of EagleView’s launch. Their vision and inspiration helped create what is now arguably one of the most successful technology companies in America. Dave has since moved on to his next venture, but still remains involved with EagleView as a shareholder and in a consulting capacity. Chris is currently EagleView’s Chief Technology Officer and continues to drive the creation of new software and technologies that keep EagleView on the forefront of the industry.

Our Technology

On December 13, 2011, EagleView’s first U.S. patent was issued, fulfilling and validating the development and leadership of the technology invented by Chris Pershing and Dave Carlson. A second U.S. patent issued on March 27, 2012, a third on May 1, 2012 and the fourth on June 26, 2012. As CTO of EagleView, Chris continues to create new software with several additional patents pending. EagleView is committed to developing progressive technology that automates manual activities in the construction and insurance industries and is expanding this concept to several new industries.

EagleView is focused on providing the highest accuracy, scalability and efficiency with a large team of software developers and hundreds of highly trained spatial recognition technicians to create the most accurate reports and measurements available today.

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