March 8, 2016

EagleView – Down to the Core

EagleView Team

Here at EagleView we take the credo of “Work Hard, Play Hard” to heart.

With an upbeat and cohesive work environment, it’s easy to find yourself caught in a spontaneous Nerf gun war or chatting with a new coworker in the fully stocked kitchen. At the same time, every employee is expected to bring an innovative perspective to their job function with an emphasis on growing and honing their professional skills.

“I’ve met such amazing people that really enjoy what they do,” says Courtney Dobbertin, Trainer for Government Sales. “They have so many different hobbies outside of work, and it really makes the company an amazing place to work.”

As a company, we stress our core values, allowing each person and department the ability to thrive in and out of the workplace.

Trust & Candor

Trust goes a long way at EagleView. We take pride in the ability to trust our coworkers, bosses and teammates to do their job, as well as to help everyone perform theirs to the best of their ability.

“They trust us a lot; there isn’t a lot of micromanagement,” says Kahlie Mahonski, Geomatics Specialist. “They hire us because they know that we can do the job and they trust us to do that job. I really appreciate that.”

A similar theme we hold is candor. If teammates have differing opinions or points of view on a topic, it’s important to bring it up. We believe that it’s crucial to be able to listen to and understand another’s point of view and to happily take that into consideration for the good of the company.

“Everyone accepts the fact that if our executive vice president has an idea that probably isn’t the best idea, there’s nothing wrong with that newbie coming in and saying, ‘Hey, I don’t think that’s the best idea, and this is the reason why,’” explains Charles Grassi, Director of U.S. Operations.

Innovative & Resourceful

We take pride in finding new and exciting ideas to grow our products and let them evolve. Innovation comes from originality and creativity, and with the various types of people and backgrounds we have working in our offices, a simple brainstorming session can turn into revolutionary proposals, which can lead to incredible outcomes.

“We hire baristas, we hire short order cooks, we hire physics teachers, we hire history majors, philosophy majors, chemistry majors, in addition to the people who are good at GIS or photo or something along those lines,” Jenn Kerry, Geomatics Trainer, explains.

It’s easy to say that not everything is laid out in front of you at a job and sometimes that can be stressful. However, when you’re resourceful and capable of using the people and the technology around you, you’re able to get come up with a solution. That’s especially easiest when everyone is willing to work together to help out.

“Most people are really patient,” Rick Porlier, Geomatics Specialist, says, “like you can be in the middle of something crazy, and someone could come up and ask you a question, everyone stops what they’re doing and they’ll answer the question, or at least try their best to help them find an answer.”

Work Hard & Have Fun

As in any company, working hard is necessary- how else would the company succeed? We’re proud to see the work our employees put into their days and the continued growth of our company has surely been proof of their hard work.

“My days are never the same,” Geomatics Specialist Ria Tafani states. “I have enough work that I can’t get bored. My day goes fast.”

As hard as we work, we know how to have fun. There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear an outbreak of laughter from across the floor or walk through the office without finding a Nerf bullet laying on the ground. We’re especially proud of the high-energy, yet relaxed, work environment we have in our offices, and with that hard work, comes smiles and rewards.

“The company does a great job at rewarding on a regular basis with company parties, picnics, giveaways, lunches on the company–things like that,” Dazzle Wright, Customer Service Manager, says. “You definitely feel appreciated for the work that you’re doing.”

With openings in departments such as development, human resources, I/T, marketing and support, we’re always looking for people who hold these core values as highly as we do.

We encourage you to stop thinking of an office job as boring, because we’re the proof that it’s not always that way.

We’re proud of the plethora of people working with us and the cohesive, success-driven environment in our offices.

Discover for yourself why EagleView could be the company for you.

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