May 21, 2020

EagleView Announces Finalisation of Deal to Sell Australia Operation to Aerometrex


By Rishi Daga, Chief Executive Officer

EagleView Technologies, a private company focused on delivering property insights for smarter planning, building, and living, is excited to announce that we have finalised an agreement to sell portions of our Australia operations to Aerometrex. EagleView is continuing to invest in, and advance, our world class capture platform. Our image warehouse development and image capture teams, acquired via the purchase of aerial imagery firm Spookfish, continues to be an important part of the EagleView success and will remain in Perth.

Aerometrex shares our dedication to aerial capture quality and accuracy, making them the ideal partner for image capture in the Australia region. This arrangement ensures excellent continuity for our customers by providing world class image capture, 3D modeling, machine-learning derived data, and automated workflows for government, insurance, construction, solar, and more.

EagleView began operating in Australia in 2018, when we acquired Spookfish. Our commercial operations in Australia have been important to our overall success, and its acquisition by Aerometrex allows us to increase our focus on growth opportunities in North America, as well as on our machine learning, virtual inspection, and computer vision products – technologies we are uniquely positioned to bring to scale globally.

Effective 1 July 2020, our existing customers will be serviced by Aerometrex. We appreciate the past business and support of our Australia customers, and wish all the best for continued success going forward. Australia customers will be receiving communications from EagleView and Aerometrex representatives soon with next steps. In the meantime, please let us know if we can answer any questions.

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