July 30, 2021

Flying High with July 2021’s Images of the Month!

This is, simply put, oasis in one image.

It’s been just over a year since we debuted the Images of the Month series, giving readers a snapshot of some of the fantastic photographs taken by our patented camera systems. So far, the response has been incredible!

We’re honored to bring you the best high-resolution aerial imagery on the market on a monthly basis. Thank you to everyone who has tuned in so far. We’ll continue churning out these amazing photographs for more many months to come.

So, without further ado, keep on scrolling for the imagery that caught our attention in July 2021!

Identify Image Challenge

Horizon shot in Colorado
Starting off with a beautiful horizon shot is always a good idea.
Downtown San Francisco
Nothing too crazy here – just a great oblique view of picturesque downtown San Francisco.
Wi-Fi signal
Does anybody else see a distinguishable Wi-Fi signal in this ortho?
Arizona sinkhole
This insane Arizona sinkhole is actually one of two photographs for July – keep on scrolling to see the other!
14 baseball fields - but not 14 images!
Don’t like the dugouts on one field? No matter – there’s 13 others to choose from.
Socrates Sculpture Park
Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens is a hidden gem, where artists can create and display their own work!
Texas landscape
Check it out – the contours are actually visible in this Texas landscape!
Just in case you needed a reminder :)
Manchester, UK
Our photographs are going international! This oblique is courtesy of Manchester, UK.
Ponds make for great photographs
This is, simply put, oasis in one image.
Texas sinkhole
There’s no telling how deep this Texas sinkhole goes. 20 feet? 5 miles? Who’s to say?

Up for a challenge? See if you can identify the landmark or neighborhood simply from an orthogonal (top-down) image in our latest blog post.

We’re guessing you’ll need the oblique (angled) view to figure it out!

And if you’re simply an imagery nerd looking for even more to feast on, don’t forget to check out our past few editions of Images of the Month.

Thanks again for reading, and we’ll see you again next month!

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