September 25, 2020

Stunning Wilderness to Shining Buildings: EagleView’s September Images of the Month!


Last Friday of the month = time to get excited! Because we’ve got some more incredible high-resolution oblique aerial imagery for you to feast your eyes on.

Keep on scrolling for our September images of the month.

Oblique image
This Texas river has as many twists and turns as an M. Night Shyamalan film! 
Ortho image
We’re huge fans of the color gradient going on in this EagleView ortho image 
If you have seven hours or so, see if you can count how many trees are in this oblique image 
We have to imagine scores of birds have accidently flown into this shiny, shiny building 
There’s really no words to describe this Washington waterfall, other than breathtaking 
Congrats to the San Diego Padres for making the playoffs for the first time since 2006! We’ll celebrate by gazing upon Petco Park in all its glory 
Strange monument
We can all agree that the monument in this EagleView oblique is both mysterious – and fascinating
Is this Planet Earth…or an EagleView oblique image? You be the judge
Wild fire
And finally, this Texas inferno shows the value of high-resolution oblique aerial imagery, especially when dealing with extreme weather events 

As always, check back in October for new images and new Zoom backgrounds! 

Missed out in the past? No worries. Take a look at our past few months.

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