June 9, 2021

Three-Point Plan for Hurricane Responsiveness


When the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season rears its ugly head, EagleView will be there. Contractors and insurers will be out to help homeowners resolve claims and start rebuilding, and it’s our job to expedite that process with high-resolution aerial imagery and property data, such as roof measurements. 

Following a historically busy 2020 hurricane season, contractors and insurers need to have a bulletproof response plan. It’s not enough to know the storm’s coming – they have to be adequately prepared to handle it once it arrives.

After all, hurricanes will damage anything and everything in their paths.

Hurricane Blog Laura
Before-and-after imagery following Hurricane Laura, one of the strongest storms to hit the United States.
Hurricane Blog Delta
Hurricane Delta’s intense flood damage caused issues for many homeowners in Louisiana.
Hurricane Blog Zeta
The 27th storm of the 2020 season, Hurricane Zeta, didn’t make landfall until November

In order to stay one step ahead of the storm, we recommend a three-point plan for all contractors and insurers in at-risk areas. 

Make sure your business is adequately staffed before the storm hits

Staffing is always an issue for contractors, especially given the current challenges of COVID-19 and an active storm season. However, recent research has found that homeowners are looking to begin completing projects again in summer 2021, meaning more business for roofing contractors. 

Insurers also need to ensure they have enough personnel to tackle the abundance of jobs brought about by a major hurricane. 

If you’re struggling to recruit, try looking into industry-specific job boards or implementing a referral program to incentivize current employees. Having the right people is a crucial first step!

Make sure your services align with your community’s needs

Are you located in an area that’s considered at-risk for hurricanes? If so, do you offer a variety of comprehensive services to cover any damage that might arise? 

If not, now might be a good time to evaluate your company’s offerings to see how well aligned they are with damage that may occur. For example, roofing contractors may consider looking into door and window repair to bolster their capabilities.

Take advantage of virtual property measurements

he time and effort required to perform an estimate for a typical job can add up quickly, especially when you factor in a site visit. Following a hurricane, this process is even more complicated, as many properties can be inaccessible or dangerous to enter. 

However, virtual property measurements (such as roof reports) provide accurate measurements in a time-sensitive manner, and help keep costs low and your employees safe. This allows contractors and insurers to spend less time and money up front and close claims faster and more efficiently. 

At EagleView, we’re always standing by to help during storm season. When questions arise, make sure to check out our Support page. Our best-in-class Support team is standing by to assist you through the Live Chat function. 

There’s a reason that local government departments, roofing contractors and insurance companies trust EagleView following a catastrophic storm. We’ve been there.

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