July 22, 2021

3 Highlights from EagleView’s Esri 2021 Session

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EagleView was honored to be a part of another exciting year at Esri’s Virtual User Conference. From the chance to speak to our customers at our virtual booth, to the variety of sessions covering the topics most important to today’s GIS users, this event inspired us to continue delivering the quality aerial imagery and GIS solutions you’ve come to expect.  

EagleView’s own Joe Oddi led the session “Integrating EagleView Imagery into your ESRI Workflow” to great success, with over 1400 total participants tuning in.  

Watch the full session on the conference website below or continue reading to hear about the top 3 key takeaways for listeners.

Watch the session

1. EagleView still offers the highest-resolution imagery in the industry, including oblique angles

With over 120 planes flying a day and 40,000 hours spent flying yearly, EagleView has been working tirelessly to add to our database of nearly 1 billion images. What really sets us apart is the best oblique imagery in the business, for the many government applications where top-down images aren’t enough. New imagery capture systems for our growing fleet also allow continuous improvement in the resolution of imagery delivered to our customers.  

2. Countless ways to integrate EagleView into your ESRI applications and third party Esri-based applications

We offer EagleView for ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and Web AppBuilder Developer’s Edition. In addition to these wonderful products, you can integrate our oblique imagery into your ArcGIS Online Web Mapping Applications using our JavaScript web-based API.  Why stop there?  You can create a default base map layer with your custom EagleView flight using our Image Service product that is hosted in the cloud.  We serve our orthomosaics up in WMS, WMTS and TMS format, so the possibilities are limitless.  From either our CONNECTExplorer product or a custom web-map creation, you can overlay published REST data for a powerful combination of imagery and local data.  With all our convenient and easy-to-use integrations you can streamline your workflows and become the imagery superstar of your organization overnight.  

3. New features: 3D mesh models and IPA integration in CityWorks 

The final highlight of the talk was EagleView’s exciting new enhancements. These included 3D mesh models made possible through a new partnership with Skyline, which are now available for use in AGOL or ArcGIS Urban. There’s also a brand-new integration with CityWorks to allow access to high-res obliques for identifying assets in the field. Coming soon will be the ability to launch work orders directly from oblique imagery.  

Let’s get started!  

We’d like to thank everyone who connected with EagleView at the show, whether you were able to join us at the session or stopped by our virtual booth.  

If you didn’t get the chance to connect with us live, please contact us to learn how you can integrate EagleView into your Esri applications. 

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