May 3, 2016

Celebrating Agents of Change

Change Detection

By: Alex Hepp, Director of Assessment

For over 15 years, Pictometry has worked closely with assessors to understand their challenges and develop solutions that allow them to perform their duties in the most effective and efficient fashion. Our high-resolution imagery and desktop solutions have allowed assessors to reduce the time and expense of on-site field visits.

Many of our customers have told us that staying on top of changes within their jurisdiction is also a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed additional services beyond just image capture to help assessors overcome these challenges. With the ChangeFinder™ service, assessors can easily see what parcels have changed over time through property additions, renovations or other improvements.

Assessors from across the country have realized the value and understand the advantages of implementing ChangeFinder and have built it into their workflow. They know that taking the initiative to create a more efficient and accurate assessment process can lead to not only a more productive assessment department, but also a higher amount of tax revenue each year. These assessors understand that providing an accurate, fair and equitable assessment for their jurisdiction through the use of Pictometry technology is a priority.

What do we call those people who take this step towards a more effective workflow? We call them Pictometry Agents of Change.

Pictometry Agent of Change (noun): An assessment professional who has implemented ChangeFinder to improve processes in their jurisdiction and provide a new standard for managing parcel changes and fairly and equitably assessing properties.

Meet some of our Agents of Change and learn why they use Pictometry in their everyday workflow:

Suzanne KogutSuzanne Kogut – Tax Assessor, Town of Smithfield, RI

“We’ve been able to change processes, be more efficient and are actually able to do more for our residents with the same number of staff by focusing on innovation using the power of Pictometry.”

Lisa GoreeLisa Goree – Assessor, Town of Southhampton, NY

“Many properties that we are in charge of are highly populated during the simmer but are gated and difficult to get to during the off-season. With Pictometry CONNECT™ we don’t need to worry about whether or not we have access to these properties. We’re able to perform assessments by using measurements tools and can gain data and information about the parcels right from our desks.”

Jason Cockerill – County Assessor Washington County, IN and Debra Dunning – County Assessor, Marshall County, IN

Jason Cockerill“The undocumented buildings were a liability for the assessment office but also a great concern to public safety and other county departments. Pictometry technology is critical to our county in discovering unreported value and undocumented structures.”

With properties continually building additions and counties expanding, we’re always on the lookout for future Agents of Change.

How can you become an Agent of Change?

Sharing your story about how you’ve created an innovative way to improve assessment workflow and process through the use of ChangeFinder is the first step in becoming an Agent of Change. We want to hear about your unique stories on how you’ve helped reshape an assessment process that has improved your day-to-day tasks.

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