April 13, 2020

Geospatial World: EagleView Helps Government Work Remotely

Las Vegas Nevada

Geospatial World, the world’s #1 geospatial media platform, picked up our post about how EagleView’s government solutions can help during the transition to working remotely.

From the Geospatial World article:

In a time where sales tax and road tolls are becoming less reliable sources of income, local governments must find other ways to increase revenue. EagleView studies with local assessors found an average increase in tax revenue of 0.15% from previously unassessed properties and changes to existing properties after using EagleView. By reducing costs average of 40% and improving accuracy (EagleView led to 60% fewer formal appeals), EagleView imagery delivers on ROI even in tough economic conditions.

In emergency management, geospatial data provided by the imagery enables remote collaboration across the entire lifecycle. Before an emergency ever hits, agencies can identify potential hazards and measure buildings using imagery with up to twelve angles of a single address. And when something like a hurricane happens, the imagery can help assess the storm’s projected path or plan alternate traffic routes safely at a distance.

Even in the middle of a disaster event, emergency management employees can remotely evaluate hazards and provide situational awareness to assist first responders. Finally, as the danger passes and recovery becomes the name of the game, assessing the damage and planning land/air coordination can be done using imagery and mapping software, saving precious time and resources.

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