July 9, 2018

Kingman Daily Miner: Mohave County Finds $18 Million in Value in 5 Months

CONNECTExplorer Mohave County Before and After

Mohave County, Arizona, received new Pictometry® imagery from EagleView last year, and they’re already seeing results. The Kingman Daily Miner published an update from County Assessor Jeanne Kentch to keep county residents informed on assessment practices.

As I spoke of before, we are up and running with our new Pictometry aerial oblique imagery software. This amazing software is allowing our appraisers to view improvements through aerial imagery captured from last year’s flyovers. So far, with 5 months of daily work on this newly acquired technology, our appraisers have found over $18 million dollars of value that will be added to our 2020 tax rolls. The more value we pick up, the less each property owner will be responsible for in the future.

Kentch says that her office “understands the importance of capturing all values in Mohave County.” Pictometry imagery allows Kentch’s office–and others just like it throughout North America–to keep property values fair and equitable.

Read the rest of Kentch’s update on the Kingman Daily Miner website.

Mohave County isn’t the only jurisdiction to see the immense value of Pictometry imagery. View our story map to learn how Pictometry imagery and ChangeFinder™ support fair and equitable assessment.

ChangeFinder story map cover

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