February 8, 2016

Pictometry Continues to Experience Rapid Growth in Government Sector


(Bothell, Wash., February 8, 2016) – EagleView Technology Corporation, a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pictometry International Corp., continues to be the provider of choice for federal, state and local government entities seeking high-resolution aerial oblique and orthogonal imagery as evidenced by the company’s record growth in the government sector in 2015.

Pictometry invented and patented the technology behind the capture of high-resolution, georeferenced oblique imagery and since the year 2000 has delivered visual intelligence to thousands of states, counties, provinces and municipalities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The company’s continued growth year-over-year is a direct result of the strong customer demand for our best-in-class imagery and data,” explained Robert Locke, President of Pictometry Government Solutions.  “Citizens expect that their elected and appointed officials are good stewards of their budgets and that’s one of the reasons we attribute to our rapid growth. Our thousands of satisfied customers will attest to the fact that Pictometry imagery delivers the highest quality and integrates seamlessly throughout their enterprises for maximum efficiency and ROI.”

Pictometry’s unparalleled image library spans more than 15 years and contains hundreds of millions of images captured and processed using 75 patented technologies and the only oblique camera system to receive USGS certification. Continuing to add imagery each year requires a robust data management system that remains accessible and searchable regardless of the size of the data.

“Pictometry customers can be confident in the fact that we have the technology in place to manage massive amounts of Big Data while also providing fast, cloud-based access through any web browser,” stated Locke.

The company also offers easy imagery integrations into tools that that are a part of most entities’ standard workflows, including Esri’s ArcGIS mapping software, most tax and property appraisal systems, and public safety first-responder and emergency management systems.

About EagleView

EagleView Technology Corporation, through its two wholly owned subsidiaries, EagleView Technologies, Inc. and Pictometry International Corp., is the unparalleled provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions serving the commercial, government and public utility sectors.  The company’s patented image capture processes and 3D modeling algorithms coupled with property-centric analytic tools empower end-user workflows with scalable, efficient and highly accurate answer sets in support of property claims, risk management, construction, emergency response, assessment, corridor mapping and more.   For more information contact (866) 659-8439 or visit www.eagleview.com or www.pictometry.com.

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