February 14, 2019

EagleView CEO Rishi Daga in Geospatial World Magazine


Rishi-Daga-HeadshotEagleView CEO Rishi Daga has once again been featured in Geospatial World Magazine’s CEO Edition. He appears among well-known tech leaders from companies such as Esri, IBM, Google, and Oracle.

Each year, the magazine asks companies about trends in geospatial data and technologies. In his feature, Rishi explains that the future of geospatial information will come from multiple emerging sources:

Every company will soon need to incorporate geospatial data into their thinking both from a strategic and operational mindset. The future lies in integrating technologies but there is more of a cross-discipline fusion of technologies required here. Being able to identify and orchestrate the cross-functionality of the tools developed across imagery, Big Data, computer visions and SaaS development is critical and then being able to deploy them seamlessly through low friction and increased time to value is imperative for scalability and success. Through technology integration and in particular, deep learning integration, we can democratize the processing of geospatial information.

Read Rishi’s thoughts on trends in geospatial data on page 72 of the January-February issue.

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