EagleView and Betterview

EagleView + Betterview

EagleView’s strategic alliance with Betterview, an insuretech provider of actionable intelligence to property and casualty (P&C) insurers, helps make it easier for underwriters and claims professional to obtain the crucial information they need to make better informed property risk decisions.

  • Obtain accurate and reliable roof age data for underwriting with Betterview’s Roof Age.
  • Continuously monitor customers’ roof conditions to ensure proper coverage.
  • Quickly and accurately respond to customers and review claims, without being on-site.
  • Access live predictions of storm damage to better manage resources and budgets.
  • Gain rapid access to post-catastrophe imagery within Betterview’s CAT-RS platform.
The Next Generation of Property Intelligence
  • Price Policies Faster and More Accurately

    Combine high-resolution historical aerial imagery with Betterview’s Roof Age to remotely and accurately assess roof age.

  • Proactively Respond to Claims

    Leverage historical aerial imagery to view changes to properties before first notice of loss or an adjuster can arrive on scene.

  • Improve Catastrophe Response Times

    View post-event, high-resolution, aerial imagery in Betterview’s CAT-RS platform to quickly and accurately assess the extent of damage and effectively allocate adjusters.

EagleView Quote

We are streamlining the insurance process to help insurers and insurance customers get what they need, when they need it. This is the modern update the industry is looking for. Our alliance with Betterview helps us to deliver on that vision.

Piers Dormeyer



Key Benefits

Make Time-Critical Pricing and Policy Decisions

Price faster and more accurately with the industry’s first AI-powered, remote analysis of roof age from historical imagery.

Optimize Underwriting Processes

Get the fast, accurate property data needed to make better underwriting decisions, minimize risk, and provide more comprehensive coverage.

Better Respond to Customer Needs

Respond faster and more efficiently to customer needs and help them recover from catastrophic events, quicker.