Pictometry high-resolution orthogonal and oblique imagery brings the field to your desktop.

Electric Utilities

See your utility lines without compromise

Electric Utility Asset Management

Aerial Imagery Data for Identifying Encroachments

As a data solutions provider, EagleView delivers fast, efficient, and accurate answers regarding your utility transmission lines using world-class imagery.

By bringing the field to your desktop, we help reduce the risks and expenses associated with your assets in the field.

With EagleView imagery, you will have access to both orthogonal (top-down) aerial imagery as well as oblique imagery taken from 45-degree views, to give you every perspective you need. You also gain access to a massive historical archive of imagery that we have captured over many years, as well as recent captures that give you an updated view of your corridors.

Our imagery and data integrate with leading GIS mapping software, including Esri, to support and enrich your workflow. The imagery can also be viewed standalone on our CONNECTExplorer™ application as well as in hard copy map formats to aid your field staff.




By partnering with EagleView, you’ll have access to data and answers in the following areas:

Vegetation Management: Increase your efficiencies and streamline your processes by incorporating EagleView data into your vegetation management workflow. Quickly identify clearance hazards without deploying field assets and instead use them to micro target the areas you identify using our data. High-resolution oblique and orthogonal images are captured along the transmission corridor and synchronized with a medium-density LiDAR point cloud.

Pole Validation/Verification: Easily accomplish remote pole loading studies and asset count verification using the accurate, high-resolution content combined with web-based GIS integrations to locate and validate, measure, perform queries on, and overlay existing data. Better understand and map your pole locations, materials, heights, cross arm lengths, and distance between attachments.

Encroachment Identification: Get a better view of your surrounding environment to identify any potential encroachment, including pools, barns, homes, swing sets, and road crossings.

Hydroelectric Shoreline Management: Obtain the data you need to better understand docks, permitting, and trends in changing shorelines over time.

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