March 22, 2022

Comprehensive Claims Management Solutions to Help You Work More Efficiently This Storm Season 

Claims Management Solutions

After two consecutive years of above average storm activity, it looks like that trend will continue through 2022. When hurricanes and other major catastrophe (CAT) events like tornados, hailstorms, and wildfires occur, property inspections spike due to the post-event surge in policyholder claims. 

EagleView offers three leading solutions to help claims managers efficiently deploy their teams and quickly scale up property inspections. 

  • Claims Assignment Service (CAS) 
  • Roof + Walls exterior measurement
  • EagleView Assess™ drone-based claims inspection 

Claims Assignment Service (CAS) 

In order to assign the appropriate resources and staff for an on-site claims inspection, it’s critical to know each property’s key attributes up front, including predominant pitch and roof complexity. 

Without this information, you risk assigning the wrong resources. This is not only an inconvenience for the homeowner, but expensive for the insurer—rescheduled roof inspections can cost upwards of $200 each. 

EagleView’s Claims Assignment Service (CAS) helps you service claims faster by remotely assessing a roof’s complexity and predominant pitch (steepness) before the inspection. This helps you: 

  • Determine whether the roof can be safely inspected by a field team or drone. 
  • Assign the right roof inspection team, ladders, safety gear, and drone equipment. 
  • Decide if additional equipment will be needed to perform a safe and accurate roof inspection. 

Predominant pitch and other roof attributes are available on-demand and in real time via our simple REST-based API.  

Roof + Walls Exterior Measurement 

Measuring properties by hand greatly increases safety risks and the potential for errors. EagleView’s Roof + Walls exterior measurement solutions provide comprehensive, accurate, and remote measurements for the entire exterior of a home. This helps you: 

  • Expedite your site visits by eliminating the need for manual measurements, with automated exterior property dimensions for roofs, walls, and windows. 
  • Create more accurate repair estimates with precise measurements from high-resolution aerial imagery. 
  • Seamlessly integrate property data—measurements are delivered within your preferred claims management system.  

EagleView Assess™ Drone-Based Claims Inspection 

EagleView Assess™ delivers a complete inspection workflow solution for fast, accurate, and comprehensive property inspections. 

  • Adjusters have remote access to a complete digital reproduction of the roof. 
  • Maximize claim accuracy and avoid costly re-inspections with AI-analyzed imagery, property data, and damage detection. 
  • Drones require no training and deliver collision-free flight paths¹
  • Increase policyholder satisfaction with self-scheduling tools and real-time inspection updates. 


Resolve up to 1.5x more claims per day, and reduce loss adjusted expense by 20%. 


EagleView Assess™ offers two service options to choose from: 

Schedule our pilots to do the inspection for you. EagleView handles every step of the process, so you won’t need to go on-site. 

1. Managed Service 

2. Self Service  

License our technology for your field teams. EagleView supplies the drone and integrated platform, and you conduct the inspection. 

Contact us to learn more about how EagleView’s comprehensive claims solutions can help you work more efficiently during storm season. 

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