November 7, 2018

CLM Magazine: EagleView Shows Hurricane Michael’s Aftermath

CLM November Image

EagleView makes an appearance in this month’s CLM Magazine. EagleView’s imagery appears on the cover of the insurance industry publication and in an article detailing the effects of Hurricane Michael.

When a hurricane sweeps through the Caribbean, Florida tends to get hit especially hard. Following Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Hurricane Florence this summer, Hurricane Michael was the third such recent event to cause significant destruction in the state. Michael was the first-ever Category 4 hurricane to touch down on the Florida Pandhandle since record-keeping began in 1851. Losses between $6.1 billion and $10 billion are expected, according to RMS catastrophe risk modeling.

RMS catastrophe risk modeling

EagleView post-Hurricane Michael imagery appears in this month’s issue of CLM.

The event was unique in the way it forced insurance carriers and insurtech services like EagleView to mobilize immediately. From the CLM article:

Hurricane Florence and Michael were polar opposites. While Hurricane Florence was a slow-moving flood event with some wind, Hurricane Michael was a fast-moving wind event with some flood. While both were catastrophic in their own ways, Hurricane Michael poses unique challenges for the insurance industry. Unlike the two-week’s notice that Hurricane Florence provided while it meandered across the Atlantic, Hurricane Michael developed just days before making landfall on the Florida panhandle. Governmental authorities and insurance entities were quick to react as the storm intensified along its path.

See the imagery on pages 6 and 7 and in the article starting on page 26.

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