September 12, 2017

Inc.: How the Drone Industry Is Helping After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

An aerial view of the damage following Hurricane Harvey (copyright EagleView)

EagleView President Rishi Daga spoke to about how drones and aerial imagery are aiding in recovery efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Days after Hurricane Harvey’s wind, rain, and flood waters overtook Houston, drone companies, authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration and contracted to conduct storm damage assessment with insurance and utility companies, started inspecting homes, electrical lines, and gas and oil refineries to document damage. Now, after Hurricane Irma brought destruction to Carribbean islands and the southeast U.S., drone companies are again filling a desperate need in flood-and-wind ravaged areas to help speed up repair, rescue, and recovery efforts.

Rishi Daga, president of EagleView Technologies, a company that provides aerial images and data to insurance companies, the oil and gas industry, and the government, says Harvey and Irma are giving a boost to the drone industry. It is estimated that hurricanes Harvey and Irma will cost the U.S. $290 billion and insurance companies are relying on drones to get ahead of the deluge of claims. Drones are now conducting inspections and collecting data to help adjusters determine damage and estimate payouts.

“There are not enough adjusters to cover the damaged properties and drones are helping,” says Daga.

Earlier this month, EagleView launched a website that gives Texas residents a glimpse of pre- and post-event aerial imagery following Hurricane Harvey. Earlier today, EagleView announced that it is flying over Florida to collect imagery in the wake of Irma.

See what else Rishi had to say and learn about the impact drones can have in the aftermath of a disaster.

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