April 11, 2017

8 Crucial Tasks Property Insurance Professionals Can Complete Without Leaving the Office

Three Houses - Hail Damage

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with Pictometry® imagery from EagleView®, images have even more value for property insurance professionals. That’s especially true for insurance claim adjusters, who need to evaluate a property after the owners file a claim, and underwriters, who need to see all aspects of a property and calculate risk.

You might think an image can’t say much, but actionable Pictometry imagery speaks volumes. View the graphic and read below to find out the eight crucial tasks property insurance professionals can complete without leaving the office.

(See a larger version of this graphic here.)

1. Compare historical imagery to see changes over time.

With regular flights throughout the United States each year, we’re constantly adding to our library of more than 350 million images. New technology, including the implementation of drones post-event, means we keep outperforming satellite images year after year. With the new EagleView OnSite™ solution, adjusters will be able to see imagery from multiple camera sources and bring the property right to their desktop to close those claims even faster.

2. Obtain clear insights into property condition.

Whether they’re underwriting a policy or processing a claim, insurance professionals need all the details. Low-resolution satellite images don’t tell the full story, meaning more field visits – and headaches – for underwriters and adjusters.

The image above, following a hailstorm in 2016, shows the missing shingles in high definition. Why use satellite imagery when Pictometry aerial oblique images let you count exactly how many shingles are missing?

3. Explore beyond the sidewalk.

Squinting at street view imagery can only get an adjuster or underwriter so far. Aerial imagery provides a view of an entire property from every direction, benefiting those who need to see past the road or beyond a locked gate.

4. Gather post-event data.

All it takes is one storm to affect a home’s integrity. Seeing clearly after an extreme weather event is paramount when processing claims. High-resolution images allow adjusters to zoom in on a property and see anomalies up close.

5. Determine structural details.

These pictures do more than look pretty! Underwriters can see the whole structural footprint in a Risk Management Report from EagleView. Ordering an EagleView ClaimsReady™ Report, meanwhile, gives insurance adjusters all the data they need for a property in one place.

6. Guarantee location data.

Georeferenced pixels offer data you can trust. In CONNECTExplorer™, users can pinpoint location to the exact latitude and longitude for ultimate accuracy. Because the pixels in each image are georeferenced, the tools in CONNECTExplorer also allow for precise property measurements.

7. View multiple perspectives.

What’s going on in the back yard? Wonder no more when viewing the images in CONNECTExplorer. Most imagery providers focus solely on orthogonal images, which are taken from a top-down perspective. Oblique image capture from all four cardinal directions lets underwriters and adjusters see the property in 360 degrees.

8. Take action!

EagleView software with actionable Pictometry imagery lets users do more than look. Measurement tools in CONNECTExplorer calculate roof length and slope, distances, and other values.

Need fast facts instead? Order a Risk Management Report or ClaimsReady Report to get the data in one simple format. For more information on the new EagleView OnSite solution, get in touch with our sales team.

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