September 6, 2017

News 8 WROC: EagleView Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims

Robert Locke News 8

Hurricane Harvey caused untold devastation for Texas residents, and some anticipate that it will take months to get their lives back together.

“It’s very difficult for these citizens down there and we try to help the government officials, the insurance officials to get in there quickly with the efforts we’ve made,” said Robert Locke, Senior Vice President of Government Solutions for EagleView.

EagleView is working to collect and analyze property imagery from the sky, WROC explains. They continue: “Aerial photos taken allow insurance companies to compare images of before and after Harvey. Insurance companies can review an image and figure out just how much they should pay out.”

Robert spoke with Rochester’s News 8 team about what EagleView is doing in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Read the interview and watch the video at

News 8 team about what EagleView

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