June 26, 2020

Introducing… Our June 2020 Images of the Month!

What better feeling is there than the blank page of a coming weekend? Check out our favorite images of the month to get inspired for your Saturday activities – or just to take a break!

This image of plane’s shadow draped in a rainbow is just too good to be true.
Kudos to whoever cut this beautiful message into a lawn in Manitoba, Canada!
With baseball season starting up again soon, even non-Mets fans can appreciate a freshly groomed Citi Field in Queens!
Is there anything more incredible than high-resolution oblique imagery of a volcano, like this one in Maui, HI? 
These windy bike paths look daunting, but there are plenty of ways to get your fresh air this weekend.
What’s more stunning than watching nearly 3,000 tons of water cascade down Niagara Falls per second? The birds-eye view of the whole operation.
Summer means more activities out on the water. See if you can spot the paddle-boarder!
Check out this stunning view of Homestake Mine in South Dakota, formerly the largest and deepest gold mine in North America. 
The pier connecting Monterey Bay’s Seacliff Beach to the destroyed S.S. Palo Alto was built in 1930, and remains a popular tourist destination to this day.

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