February 26, 2021

Say Hello to our February Images of the Month!

What’s the benefit of February being the shortest month of the year?

You get our favorite Images of the Month even sooner! Check out what we’ve got in store for you from our stockpile of high-resolution aerial imagery below.

Nothing screams February like Idaho and some famous potatoes!
This Hawaii waterfall doesn’t really require any other context, does it?
“Toto, I think we’re in Kansas!” *slight paraphrasing required*
Much like February and its 28 days, this tiny splash came and went rather quickly.
No excuses, now – make sure to Thank a Farmer!
This Florida-based yacht looks like it could fit a small city!
Now we’re across the country in Arizona – and can’t stop looking at that crazy pattern in the rock!
Props to everyone who knew this was New Jersey at first glance!
This eerie Arkansas swamp is giving off True Detective vibes.
We thought we’d end with a burst of color, in the form of these incredible shipping containers in Virginia!

How good were those? February might have been the best month of high-resolution aerial imagery yet!

Want to prove us wrong? Check out the past few editions and stay tuned for our International Images of the Month in March.

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