A suburban neighborhood with large houses, in-ground pools, three-car garages, trees, chimneys, and other features that are noted in Risk Management Reports from EagleView.

Risk Management Report

Calculate risk and increase efficiency with remote measurements during the underwriting process

Essential data for policy underwriters

The EagleView Property Risk Management Report enables property insurance carriers to more accurately and efficiently calculate risk during the underwriting process.

Designed specifically for the insurance industry, Risk Management Reports provide critical property data and exposure information as well as recent aerial imagery of the property. This serves insurance carriers during volume renewals as well as during the creation of new policies with remote measurements that integrate into their workflow.

An oblique aerial view of an affluent suburban neighborhood near a wide highway, with trees and in-ground pools on each parcel.

Reduce the need for onsite inspections with the help of a Risk Management Report.

Risk Management Reports provide aerial imagery from the top down and all four cardinal directions. From that imagery, EagleView derives comprehensive property information and creates a diagram that can measure:

  • Living area
  • Garage
  • Porch
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Structure footprint

EagleView property measurements are based on high-resolution aerial imagery captured by manned aircraft.

The georeferenced and actionable imagery provides far greater detail than satellite images can display, adding precise and useful data to any insurance workflow.

With pinpoint accuracy, reliability, and individual and batch ordering capabilities, EagleView has supplied the top national insurance carriers with property data since 2008.



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