High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

EagleView Cloud

See with Clarity. Decide with Confidence.

Make Confident Decisions With Aerial Imagery

EagleView Cloud is our new aerial imagery and software service for informed and timely decision-making.

Featuring clear imagery, precise measurements and easy-to-use analysis tools, EagleView Cloud helps county and local governments work efficiently and use aerial imagery to make critical decisions.

Plus, EagleView Cloud is the only way to access our best imagery, our detailed and vivid 1-inch GSD (ground sample distance) imagery.

What Is Included?

High-Resolution Imagery

See homes and buildings from above and all sides with clear, natural looking imagery. Oblique (side angle) and orthogonal (top down) images are provided.

Viewing and Measurement Software

Look at images of homes and buildings and use our built-in tools to measure distance, area and height.

Image Archives

View recent oblique imagery plus all historical orthogonal images.

Imagery Enhancements Available

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Choose a Better GSD

Options range from 5-inch to 1-inch ground sample distance (GSD).

Image Delivery Frequency

Receive Images More Often

Choose twice per year, once per year, or once every two or three years. Images are delivered on a consistent schedule aligned with your needs.

Historical Archives Access

See More Historical Images

Retrieve oblique aerial images dating back four years or more.

Disaster Response Program

Join Our Disaster Response Program

Pinpoint disaster areas to aid in rescue and reconstruction.

Additional Visualization and Analytics Tools

3D Mesh

View buildings and cityscapes in a three-dimensional environment and add critical measurements.

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See new construction and structural changes using automated software that compares imagery from two different years.

Sketch Inspect

Verify and update property sketches using an automated process to compare building outlines to CAMA sketches.

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Benefits by Departments



Combine aerial imagery from multiple angles with GIS data.

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Public Safety

Public Safety

Improve police and fire department response times and prepare for emergencies and natural disasters.

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Public Works

Public Works

Remotely inspect and analyze infrastructure including roads, bridges, and buildings, reducing field visits.

Tax Assessment

Tax Assessment

Conduct accurate assessments and analyze more properties in a shorter amount of time.

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