Disaster Response Program

Disaster Response for Government

Improve disaster response and recovery with EagleView’s aerial imagery

Our Disaster Response Program
Helps Communities Respond and Recover

After a severe weather event or disaster, governments face complex challenges. Safety is a priority as first responders survey the area and deploy search and rescue missions. Governments also need to assess and quantify the damage and restore critical services.

We fly over affected areas to capture images from the air immediately following severe events. Our aerial imagery provides governments information, data and insights to make critical and life-saving decisions.

Governments Trust EagleView
for Disaster Response Imagery

We Act Quickly

Our planes are in the air as soon as we can safely fly. Imagery is delivered to local governments as quickly as possible.

Before and After Views

Easily compare post-disaster and pre-event images using EagleView’s database of historical imagery.

Clear and Detailed Imagery

Using our sophisticated cameras and sensors, we capture clear imagery that helps with analysis and decision making.

Providing Disaster Imagery and Helping Communities For Over Two Decades

Customers that join our Disaster Response Program have peace of mind knowing that EagleView will take to the air when a disaster event reaches a certain severity.

For two decades, we have captured imagery after the most severe weather events in the United States. No matter the event, our goal is always the same: to be in the air quickly and capture images which support the first responders, planners, and recovery efforts on the ground.

How Aerial Imagery Helps After Disaster Events

Aerial imagery is a valuable tool to help communities respond, recover, and create a path forward.

Disaster Response

Imagery can be used to safely evaluate damage and provide helpful information to first responders.

Disaster Recovery

Restoring services, removing debris and rebuilding are easier with an aerial view of the damage.

Property Assessment

Property assessors use aerial imagery to safely re-assess damaged properties and calculate lost tax revenue, which helps governments apply for state and federal funding.

Communication with Residents

Aerial imagery helps governments keep residents informed. For example, sharing post-disaster aerial imagery on a website can help evacuated homeowners see damage to their homes.

Disaster Response Case Studies

Our Customers Are Grateful for Our Partnership

Delivering Post-Flood Imagery
to Assist with Damage Assessment

Woodford County, Kentucky

When the Kentucky River overflowed, Woodford County turned to EagleView for help.

Within a few days, EagleView captured aerial imagery of the flooded and damaged areas. Using the images, Woodford County conducted a damage assessment and created response plans before many areas were safely accessible.

Without aerial imagery, assessing damage would have been more difficult for the county.