Commercial Construction Reports

Remote Roof Measurements and Data

Deliver winning bids and accurately order materials with comprehensive roof data.

Accelerate business

Win bids faster with virtual access to the preliminary data needed to produce accurate bids.

Reduce costs

Eliminate the need for on-site visits – effectively reducing labor, insurance and vehicle costs.

Boost profitability

Order materials based on precise, accurate measurements to eliminate shortages or waste.

Quickly obtain the preliminary roof data and measurements you need to produce winning bids. Upgrade to a Premium Roof Report once you win the bid for accurate material ordering.

BidPerfect™ for Multi-Family and Commercial

Quick, accurate roof measurements for multi-family and low-slope buildings. Accuracy guaranteed.

  • Orthogonal Imagery (top-down)

  • Pitch-distribution

  • Oblique Imagery (side-angled)

  • Facet count

  • Total roof area (Squares)

  • Waste factor (steep-slope only)



Per Report

Precise roof measurements and 3D property diagrams to ensure accurate material ordering. Upgrade your BidPerfect™ report for a discounted rate.

Premium Commercial Roof Reports

Get highly accurate measurements derived from detailed aerial imagery to eliminate overages and waste and build more profitability.

  • Roof length and area

  • Rakes and eaves

  • Roof pitch

  • Flashing

  • Hips, ridges, and valleys

  • …and more!



Per Report

Scale operations and detect potential damage with AI-powered drone technology. Generate automated damage reports and roof measurements to validate repair estimates.

EagleView Assess™ for

Leverage the gold-standard in drone-powered property data to produce polished, comprehensive multi-family property reports.

  • Fully autonomous drone

  • AI-powered damage detection

  • Roof digital twin

  • Annotate reports

  • In-app imagery categorization

  • …and more!



Per Report

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