Public Safety

Aerial Imagery for Public Safety

Protect Your Community. Preserve Life and Property.

Make Confident and Effective Decisions Using Aerial Imagery

911 Dispatch
Law Enforcement
Fire & Rescue
Disaster Planning & Response

911 Dispatch

View images of a 911 call location based on geolocation data
Provide critical site details such as road access and door and window placements to first responders
Identify safe and efficient routes for first responders to reach incident locations

Law Enforcement

Reconstruct crime scenes and vehicle accidents by overlaying evidence onto imagery
Review sites in advance before serving warrants or conducting SWAT raids
Visualize last known positions for missing persons and plan search and rescue missions

Fire & Rescue

Plan the position of fire engines and equipment
See potential hazards at a site, such as propane tanks, which may not be visible during an active fire
Pinpoint locations of fire hydrants

Disaster Planning & Response

Assess damage after a disaster
Identify risks from flooding, wildfires and other potential hazards
Plan evacuation routes and relief staging areas

Mercer County Uses EagleView To Save Lives

The county has relied on EagleView for more than a decade to save lives, improve teamwork and protect first responders.

Watch our video to learn why the county’s leaders consider EagleView a critical public safety resource.

Aerial Imagery for Disaster Response and Recovery

When every second counts, images from the air provide valuable context to assist with decisions being made on the ground.

Aerial imagery is a critical tool for governments after severe weather events. Using aerial imagery, damage can be evaluated safely and first responders can plan search and rescue missions. Property assessors use imagery to reassess damaged properties and calculate lost tax revenue. Then, when it is time to recover and rebuild, aerial imagery makes the planning process easier.

Why EagleView

High-resolution aerial imagery helps public safety teams work effectively.

Clear and Detailed Imagery

Clear and Detailed Imagery

Using sophisticated cameras and flying at low-altitude, we generate sharp imagery which showcases natural colors and fine details.

3D Views

3D Views

Images from multiple sides of houses and buildings provide a complete aerial perspective.

Easy-to-Use Software

Easy-to-Use Software

With tools to easily measure distance and height, our software enables accurate property analysis.

Essential Integrations

Essential Integrations

Images can be accessed within CAD, ArcGIS and other common platforms. Users enjoy the simplicity of working in a single system.

Trusted by Top Public Safety Departments

Police departments use aerial imagery to locate missing persons and keep officers safe when serving warrants.

Drew Chandler

Emergency Management Director

“The speed at which Woodford County was able to complete our damage assessments after the flood wouldn’t have been possible without EagleView.”

James Waterman

Captain and Fire Marshal

“I use EagleView to capture current and historic views for fire investigations.”

Nicholas Tietsort

Director of Emergency Management

“Not only did the imagery include multiple angles of the site, it was recent enough to show where construction was happening.”

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