Reveal™ Imagery

Reveal™ Imagery

More clarity. More detail. More certainty.

The Resolution Revolution

Reveal™ imagery revolutionizes the way you see the world and is captured with EagleView’s next-generation imaging system.

More Clarity

View features never seen before in aerial imagery, such as road cracks and street signs

More Detail

Assess grade and relative condition without leaving the office

More Certainty

Justify decisions regarding property valuation or asset condition with confidence

Reveal™ Imagery

Reveal™ Imagery

More Productivity Right from Your Desk

Assessors & Appraisers

Assessment and appraisal departments need to evaluate property grade and condition to ensure that valuations remain fair and equitable. Without the right technology, assessors must perform costly and time-consuming field inspections.

Reveal imagery enables assessors to stay in the office and:

  • Understand relative condition of property elements: roofs, patios, pools, and more
  • Locate evidence of damage or poor upkeep, such as peeling paint, missing shingles, or cracked patios
  • Confirm materials of construction, including asphalt, shingles, metal, tiles, and more

Public Safety

Prior to arriving on scene, emergency response personnel must gather situational awareness about a property or location. Reveal imagery enables personnel to:

  • Understand all commercial building roofs, including construction type, make-up, load, and condition for pre-planning activities without a field visit
  • Identify property entry and exit points as well as backyard elements and surroundings for tactical planning
  • Discover fine details, such as electric connection points on a home or presence and condition of a propane tank
Reveal™ Imagery


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