A Clear Path to Vegetation Management with Aerial Imagery

TreeRisk™ from EagleView is designed to determine vegetation encroachments and identify locations of greatest risk along utility corridors so that vegetation managers can confidently take action.

High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

EagleView’s orthogonal (top-down) and oblique (side-angled) imagery provides clear and detailed views at a lower cost than LiDAR. Visualize and measure the distance and height of vegetation for mitigation. 

Vegetation Management System Integrations

Import aerial imagery and 3D point cloud data into any vegetation management system to streamline your processes. Plus, integrate with GIS and CAD platforms to access and visualize your data where you need it.

MapBook for Risk Mitigation

TreeRisk includes a detailed proximity view with color-coded risk ranking to pinpoint the areas with the highest risk of tree fall or overstrike. Access the PDF and accompanying data in the field for more efficient field visits. 

Major Energy Company uses TreeRisk to Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Remote access to highly accurate aerial imagery and maps helps reduce field time and decrease mitigation expenses

For a major energy company in the northeast, outage incidents used to require a field crew to patrol hundreds of miles of transmission lines to assess the cause, including on foot, ATV and helicopter patrols over difficult-to-navigate terrain. 

They turned to TreeRisk to visualize corridors and pinpoint the location of a possible outage before one might occur, and to be more efficient when sending field crews out. 

Reduce and Mitigate Risk for Utility Transmission

Identify and Prioritize Vegetation Risk with TreeRisk

EagleView generates 3D point clouds extracted for high-resolution aerial imagery to provide vegetation managers with full visibility to their utility corridors.

Identify and Mitigate Outage Risks

Quickly identify the areas of greatest risk before they cause outages.

Reduce Field Time

Use detailed imagery and location data for more efficient field visits.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Prevent and respond to issues faster with remote visibility to your transmission lines.