April 15, 2022

PV Magazine: EagleView high-resolution aircraft imagery-enabled platform may cut solar sales to install by two weeks

At the recent NABCEP solar training conference, pv magazine USA met with EagleView’s VP of Solar, Pete Cleveland, for an exclusive demo of the upcoming TrueDesign™ product launch. Check out their article below for a detailed look at how the platform enables solar installers through the entire process, from sales to design.

From the article:

The [TrueDesign Sales] platform creates a sales-ready report for customers, empowering sales representatives to move projects forward. To use it, you don’t need solar design experience, said Cleveland. 
The second product, TrueDesign, takes the platform beyond the point-of-sale, and creates an install-ready design. It has a one-button planning process and can fully generate a CAD design after a few hours of processing. “This is only possible through EagleView’s level of granularity,” said Cleveland. 

Check out the full article from PV Magazine.

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