December 1, 2023

How Multi-Family Roofing Contractors Can Accelerate the Bidding Process

It’s a good time to be a roofing contractor in the United States. While recovery from the supply chain disruptions of the last few years has been a bit prolonged, it has been steady. Research found that roofers who could stay nimble sustained strong sales1, and they continue to look ahead to steadily increasing sales volumes. The roofing industry also has healthy job growth and opportunities for work as real estate construction in the U.S. continues its climb. 

Combined, these factors set a competitive stage for roofing contractors in the coming years—especially multi-family roofers. Data from 2022 found that “the U.S. is building about 50% more [multi-family housing] than the pre-pandemic historical average.”2 Multi-family roofers should align sales best practices now in order to take advantage of the growing market, and the most effective way to grow sales is by accelerating your bidding process.

Speed and accuracy in bidding are the two top factors for the most successful multi-family roofers. Those contractors who can provide down-to-the-dollar estimates using irrefutable roofing data are the ones that win the jobs. Although several challenges obstruct efficient bidding, including obtaining accurate measurements, delays because of site visits, and more. In this blog, we explore how multi-family roofers can land more bids and increase revenue by leveraging technology and data. 

The Role of Technology in Roofing Bids

The right tools and technologies can significantly impact your ability to deliver quick, accurate bids. Look for technology that supports the following needs during the bidding process:

  • Precision and accuracy: Your solution should allow you to obtain highly-accurate roof measurements so you can be sure of your estimates for materials down to the inch. You’ll most likely get such precision from high-resolution aerial imagery.
  • Rapid delivery: In this era of instant gratification, customers value speed almost as much as they do accuracy. Multi-family roofers need technology that enables them to expedite measurements and access roof data quickly to deliver competitive bids.
  • Reducing your time and costs: This factor goes hand-in-hand with needing a solution that provides rapid access to roofing data. Multi-family roofers who conduct multiple site-visits waste time and money they could be spending crafting precise estimates and winning more bids. Technology that allows you to remotely measure and visualize a roof cuts your bidding time—and costs as a result. 
  • Ensuring scalability: Developing a more competitive bidding process means being able to scale it as well. Multi-family roofers should look for technology that allows them to create more bids faster without requiring more people to do so.

How Data Helps You Close More Jobs

Your bids are only as good as the data you work with. Using property data derived from aerial imagery is a surefire way to bid accurately and competitively. Take for example, EagleView’s Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family reports, which use precise measurements extracted from EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery to deliver the following information to contractors:

  • Orthogonal imagery (top-down)
  • Oblique imagery (side-angled)
  • Total roof area (squares)
  • Pitch distribution
  • Facet count
  • Waste factor (steep-slope only)

By obtaining a Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family report, contractors can save both time and money with more efficient site visits, faster proposals, and less time spent climbing roofings and measuring manually. Contractors can order a Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family report before ever setting foot on-site, and show up to each consultation appointment with a complete and accurate bid. 

Once a contractor wins the job, they can quickly and easily upgrade any Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family report to a Premium Roof Report for detailed dimensions by facet, full pitch information, rakes and eaves, and more. 

Win More Bids With Bid Perfect™

Contractors who stick to inefficient bidding processes will miss out on their slice of work – and revenue – as the multi-family construction market grows and jobs abound.

EagleView’s Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family enables roofers to quickly deliver highly accurate bids during the sales process—closing more jobs and skirting the costs of over- or under-bidding. By obtaining precise roof data from the ground, multi-family roofers save time and increase scalability in their businesses while growing their bottom lines. Get in touch with EagleView today to learn more about Bid Perfect™ Multi-Family reports or order your report today. 



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