October 28, 2020

No Way This Waste Factor is So High! …Or Is There?

EagleView Suggested Waste Factor

Imagine the stress of trying to climb, measure, calculate the waste factor, and present an accurate bid on a home with two dodecagon (12-sided) roofs! 

That’s how one southern residential roofing contractor felt when presented such a job. The company decided to turn to an EagleView report.

The report 

As you’ll notice in the above EagleView Premium Report, this job was no walk in the park. A few specifics jump off the page: 

  • Structure Complexity: Complex (on a scale of Simple-Normal-Complex) 
  • Areas per Pitch: Nearly 83% of the roof, or 2,364 square feet, had a pitch of 3/12 
  • Waste Calculation: Suggested waste percentage of 41%, or 33.66 squares 

The suggested waste factor of 41% (on page 8 of the report for greater detail) grabbed the attention of the salesperson in charge of submitting a bid. They balked at such a high number, which would inevitably result in a higher bid and lesser chance of winning the job. 

A tough decision had to be made: either to go with the 41%, or to use their judgement to lower the number. 

The decision 

After much deliberation, the salesperson decided to underbid the job based on a lower waste factor. After all, there’s no way the waste could actually be as high as 40%, right? 

The outcome 

In fact – it was. After the job was canceled, the company’s production team reviewed the report and property and determined that EagleView’s suggested waste factor was accurate, especially since it was to be a metal roof. 

The moral of the story? You can always count on your good friend, EagleView, to provide consistently accurate measurements and help during the bidding process, stress-free 😊.

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