April 30, 2021

April Showers Bring… April Rainbows of the Month!


If you’re an outdoors person, it can be a major drag sitting through the drizzles and rainstorms that the early spring months bring. We get it – the rain can get in the way of our high-resolution aerial imagery, too!

That’s why, in the interest of staying positive, we want to turn your rainy frown upside down by looking at the flip side. What’s the silver lining of a rainstorm?

Why, rainbows of course! We’ve compiled some of the sharpest rainbows from our massive image database for your viewing, and to remind us to look on the bright side.

If you look realllllly close, you can spot the pot of gold at the end (just take our word for it!).
Imagine looking out the window of your Hawaii resort to see this rainbow. It doesn’t get much better, does it?
Down in Texas, the speedboats run parallel to the rainbows (at least in this image).
We just really like clouds.
Couldn’t you see these rows of ‘nature’s seating’ being set up as an outdoor concert venue?
Rainbow Machine
Technically, this one’s cheating, but how cool do these ‘rainbow machines’ look?!
Look at how vibrant the ROY G BIV is in this one!
We’re not sure what’s going on here, but the shape of this rainbow caught our attention immediately.
Last but not least, the curvature of this rainbow made it too cool not to share.

Did you enjoy gazing at these wonders of the sky? Don’t forget to check out our past editions below, and stay tuned for May (and if you’re following the trend, you can probably guess what you’re in for).

And, as always, thanks for geeking out over our high-resolution aerial imagery with us! We hope you’ll be back next month to do it all again.

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