March 26, 2021

International Images of the Month – March 2021

Ponte di Rialto

Over the past year, we’ve brought you some of our favorite high-resolution aerial images captured by EagleView aircraft, mostly from the United States and Canada. And then we had a thought – why not expand our horizons a bit further?

So we decided to dedicate the March edition to our favorite international imagery, as well as picture from faraway U.S. territories!

Without further ado, put your passport in your pocket, grab your boarding pass and check out the March International Images of the Month.

Double Rainbow
U.S. territory Guam meets Double Rainbow.
The location of Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous crossing point in the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.
Just LOOK at that beach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Castello Sforzesco
Milan’s Castello Sforzesco is over 500 years old, first constructed by the Duke of Milan.
Riga, the Latvian capital is another historic city – it was founded all the way back in 1201.
Heading back to this incredible stretch of Guam – and thinking about the summer.
Eiffel Tower
We’d tell you where this image was taken – but you can probably figure it out!
It’s not an International edition without the smallest sovereign state in the world – Vatican City!
Mexico Grid Lock
Think your commute is tough? Check out this gridlock on the US/Mexico border!
Ponte di Rialto
Welcome to the Republic of Haiti!
Ponte di Rialto
The Rialto Bridge, or Ponte di Rialto, is the oldest bridge spanning Venice’s Grand Canal. It was first constructed in 1173!

Thanks for joining us on this trip around the globe! We hope you were able to catch some sights and enjoy the beauty around you much like we did.

Don’t forget to check back on the final Friday in April for even more stunning images! In the meantime, check out our past two editions from 2021 below.

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