March 30, 2020

Remote Work: How EagleView Can Help You Save Money & Time By Driving Productivity & Efficiency

Working Remotely

By Rishi Daga, Chief Executive Officer

As COVID-19 is rapidly making remote work “the new normal”, businesses of all sizes and across all industries are attempting to make this sudden transition as seamless and fluid as possible.

We’re here to help.

As a leading provider of aerial imagery and machine learning-derived data analytics, EagleView’s solutions are uniquely positioned to make your organization more efficient and productive from no matter where you’re located.

With CONNECTExplorer, government officials and GIS professionals can access aerial imagery and GIS data anywhere without heading into the field. This is particularly useful for several reasons:

  • Assessors can begin the appraisal process anytime and from anywhere – being out of the office doesn’t have to be a roadblock.
  • EagleView’s 360-degree property views and change detection solutions provide assessors with unforeseen detail into their jurisdictions, leading to huge return on investment over traditional onsite assessment.

“We have a small office and EagleView has helped us complete many jobs that we wouldn’t have been able to deliver otherwise,” says Jana Seddon, Assessor, Storey County, NV. “As COVID-19 continues to spread and impact businesses everywhere — including our own — EagleView’s imagery will allow us to begin re-appraisals from home, saving both time and money.”

9-1-1 operators can access our georeferenced imagery remotely to assist first responders in situational awareness, decreasing face-to-face contact and expediting the emergency response process. Using EagleView’s oblique imagery, which can assist operators in locating callers based on the height of a building, essential personnel can take action quickly to locate those in need of care.

For contractors, adjusters and insurers, our property reports make it possible to access property data, analyze change detection and complete virtual inspections all without leaving your home office – keeping everyone involved healthy and safe.

  • Insurance professionals can save time and money without ever stepping foot on a property. EagleView’s fixed-wing and drone aircraft collect imagery and property data, and our proprietary machine learning solutions help you assess the claim without ever having to leave the computer screen.
  • Contractors can leverage EagleView’s roof, wall and gutter measurements to plan accurate proposals and close jobs with only one visit to the homeowner.
  • EagleView Works™, our sales assistant app for construction, provides salespeople with the tools to grow their business in this uncertain time regardless of experience. With the app, salespeople can customize accurate proposals, save time and money by avoiding site visits and receive onboarding in a safe and virtual setting.
  • Using our Inform™ solutions, solar contractors can accurately design solar energy systems while never having to complete an external site visit. CONNECTExplorer provides additional content and insights into the property, all with the touch of a button.

In this unprecedented shift toward social distancing and working from home, we are here to answer your questions and continue providing the best service possible to our customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your EagleView representative or contact us through our website with questions or concerns. We’re all in this together.

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