EagleView Edge™


Enerflo is the ONLY Lead to PTO Solar Platform: Cutting soft costs and project duration through tech consolidation, data centralization, and process efficiencies.

  • Consolidate tech
  • Centralize & standardize data
  • Reduce project duration
  • Automate tasks & communications
  • Reduce cancellations
  • One sales flow to many installers
Fast & Accurate ≥98% Accurate for TSRF and Solar Access Values (SAV)
  • Install-ready designs in 2-5 hrs

  • Reduce change orders & cancellations

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Get to PTO Faster with Enerflo + EagleView

Residential solar installers, EPCs and sales orgs rely on multiple tools from lead to PTO. Enerflo combines them with powerful proprietary platform features into one cohesive sales and install platform.

Why You Should Consider Enerflo
Reduce Time to Install 

Use EagleView TrueDesign with Enerflo to shave weeks off projects with install-ready PV designs for the proposal and planning stages.

Reduce Soft Costs

Reduce project duration and the number of resources needed to complete more projects to reduce your soft costs and increase your profit margins. 

One Platform, One Login

Enerflo connects all your data and tools onto a single platform, with a single login, so you can manage your sales and install processes all in one place.

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