September 10, 2020

5 Things We Heard at IAAO 2020

2020 IAAO Annual Conference
The immediate impacts of COVID-19 are likely to spur long-term changes in local government 

At the 2020 IAAO Annual Conference, EagleView had the privilege to present an educational session on remote property assessment, host multiple roundtable sessions, and speak with many assessment professionals at our virtual booth. By speaking with such a wide array of attendees, we were able to better understand the challenges and adaptability of those in the assessment industry, especially in the COVID-19 era. 

Here are five major themes in local government that we heard at the show: 

1. Working remotely while dealing with members of the public is challenging. 

Although exterior assessments are a breeze with the help of EagleView imagery, assessors are struggling with how to conduct interior assessments in the current environment. On the bright side, many assessors say the public is open to working with them to find a solution. 

2. Technology must be part of the solution going forward. 

Even in a pandemic, most job requirements remain the same. To ensure productivity doesn’t take a dive due to remote work and fewer face-to-face interactions, local governments must adopt new technology solutions to handle processes that legacy systems cannot manage.

3. Budget shortfalls are a concern for next year. 

Many counties are struggling with decreased tax revenue because of the pandemic, which is expected to continue into 2021. That means local governments must find ways to generate additional revenue.  

4. Local governments are getting creative when it comes to engaging with constituents, and each other. 

Many were worried about the loss of in-person interaction when work-from-home measures became necessary. Counties are bridging the gaps with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other technologies to keep communication steady and enjoyable. 

5. Employees are working more – while dealing with other responsibilities. 

Many attendees informed us that employees are taking less paid time off since work-from-home mandates were implemented. In addition, many parents with young children are struggling to find daycare solutions. Work-life balance will likely be a key focus going forward with an emphasis on finding ways to increase flexibility. 

How we can help

It’s clear to us that the way forward for local governments is through technology that helps identify finding untapped sources of revenue and simplifies work processes. We’d love to help your department make that transition – at EagleView, it’s what we do.

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