September 20, 2018

How to Celebrate the 1st Annual National Assessor’s Day

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Local government agencies work hard to ensure that their communities run smoothly. Public safety personnel who respond to emergencies, public works departments that maintain local infrastructures, and planning offices that account for new growth all play a crucial role in the everyday lives of the civilians they serve.

Property assessors also perform meaningful work in their counties and municipalities. By ensuring that every property is accounted for and valued fairly and equitably, assessors keep their communities thriving and growing.

National Assessor’s DayHowever, not all members of the public know what assessors do. In some cases, they hold misconceptions about what their local assessment and appraisal departments do (or don’t do).

We at EagleView recognize the hard work that property assessment professionals do each day to fight for a fair community. To increase public awareness and honor the efforts of assessors and appraisers, EagleView has declared the last Tuesday of every September National Assessor’s Day.

What Is National Assessor’s Day?

National Assessor’s Day helps assessors provide constituents with an opportunity to learn more about what assessors do. Assessors have a platform to explain how they value homes and businesses as well as how the technology assessors use allows all facets of a community to operate efficiently.

How Can Assessors Participate?

EagleView has several activities and events associated with National Assessor’s Day planned at the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Annual Conference in Minneapolis from September 24 to 26.

National Assessor’s DayWhether you’re attending the IAAO conference or not, you can join in on the excitement by:

  1. Sending a blurb or video message to explaining topics such as:
    1. Common misconceptions about assessors
    2. What you want the community to know
    3. What your biggest challenges are
    4. What you’re most proud of
  2. Downloading the National Assessor’s Day promo package. The kit includes promotional materials such as logos, images, social media content, and more that can be used on your organization’s social media channels and website.
  3. Mark September 25 on the calendar and get ready to celebrate at the IAAO Annual conference.

Can Industry Partners Join the Fun?

Yes—industry partners can participate, too! Download the partner promo kit for logos, images, and social media content.

Happy National Assessor’s Day!

EagleView thanks all of the property assessors out there who fight for a fair community each and every day.

National Assessor’s Day

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