May 7, 2018

Case Study: Clermont County Leverages Technology to Boost Confidence in Assessments

Batavia, Ohio, the county seat of Clermont County

The Auditor’s Office in Clermont County, Ohio, is proactive about developing technology that is unique to their county and constituents. At the core of many county solutions is Pictometry® imagery from EagleView.

More than two-thirds of the 88 counties in Ohio use Pictometry imagery. For Clermont County, the imagery is part of a robust tech stack that dates back more than 10 years.

Streamlining Operations for a More Efficient Workflow

The Clermont County Auditor’s Office began using Pictometry imagery in 2006 for assessment purposes. With a high-resolution view of the county from the top-down and all four cardinal directions, the imagery became a staple for many county offices.

With increased demand for imagery and mapping solutions, the county created a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department to manage the data. The auditor’s office also developed its own dedicated GIS team.

Like many other valuation officials throughout Ohio and the rest of the United States, Clermont County Auditor Linda Fraley is quick to point out the benefits of having Pictometry imagery for her jurisdiction.

“The imagery is ingrained in the way we do business,” Fraley said. “We used to have two people out driving the roads. Pictometry imagery saves time and money by giving personnel accurate property data so that field inspection is minimal.”

Fraley’s department is responsible for valuing roughly 97,000 parcels over a 460-square-mile area—no easy task! Existing properties are reassessed every six years on a rolling basis, and the department completes a statistical update of properties in the county every third year.

The population of Clermont County has more than doubled since 1970, according to U.S. Census data. Using aerial imagery and other technology helps the Auditor’s office view and value new constructions each year as the county continues to grow.

Learn how Clermont County leverages technology every day.

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