November 13, 2017

#GeoWeek: EagleView Celebrates Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day

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As the leading provider of aerial imagery, remote measurements, and property data analytics, EagleView recognizes the importance of geography and geographic information systems (GIS) technology. This week, EagleView is celebrating Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day, two events that highlight the importance of geography and GIS in our everyday lives.

Keep reading to learn more about these two public awareness programs and what we’re up to this week.

What is Geography Awareness Week?

Geography Awareness Week

Source: AAG

Organized by the National Geographic Education Programs (NGEP), Geography Awareness Week was created by presidential proclamation in 1987. The public awareness program takes place every year in mid-November and is now in its 30th year.

Geography Awareness Week encourages communities, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions to explore the importance of geography by hosting events, teaching lessons, and meeting with policymakers and business leaders on issues that affect the globe. Each year, the event revolves around a different theme; this year’s theme is “The Geography of Civil Rights Movements.”

Geography Awareness Week 2017 takes place from November 12 to 18. This Monday through Friday, EagleView will be posting on social media using #GeoWeek, and we’ll be blogging all week about GIS.

What is GIS Day?

In 1999, Esri established GIS Day as “an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world  applications that are making a difference in our society.” Taking place on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week, GIS Day encourages schools, businesses, and communities to host events that showcase the importance of GIS.

eography Awareness Week

Source: Esri

This year, GIS Day falls on Wednesday, November 15. Like last year, EagleView will celebrate once again with a Mappy Hour. Stay tuned to hear from our photogrammetrists, geomatics specialists, technical trainers, and other team members who work in GIS!

How can you get involved?

Have you seen our #GeoWeek contest on Facebook? Head over each day this week for the chance to win fun prizes from EagleView!

EagleView representatives will host sessions and attend events for GIS Day. Get the details on the map below.

GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week support EagleView’s mission of furthering geospatial education in schools. EagleView works together with K-12 and higher education institutes to provide them with Pictometry® imagery, learning materials, and curriculum support for programs such as GIS, emergency management, public safety, urban planning, environmental services, and more.

Next up: read the interview with Andrew Mendola, EagleView Educational Program Manager, to learn about the impact GIS has in education and on everyday life.

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