August 24, 2022

EagleView Announces Next Project to Help State of Wyoming Simplify Assessment with Imagery and Change Detection

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New project includes enhanced capture and AI change detection with EagleView ChangeFinder  

BELLEVUE, Wash., August 24, 2022— EagleView, a leading technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, today announced the continuation of a state-wide contract with the Wyoming Department of Revenue (WYDOR) to deliver high-resolution imagery and change detection solutions throughout the state.  

The new project will capture nearly 12,000 square miles of 2 and 6-inch imagery. The contract also includes 285,000 parcels of ChangeFinder™, EagleView’s proprietary artificial intelligence tool that streamlines assessment by automatically identifying properties which have seen year-over-year change. WYDOR and EagleView refined the existing contract to reduce cost per unit, allowing the state to receive an added 1,500 square miles of coverage at no additional cost.   

“EagleView’s imagery and CONNECT software allows the assessors to allocate resources more effectively and save time on fewer field visits with data they can access from their desk,” said Brian Judkins, administrator of the Wyoming Department of Revenue Property Tax Division. “During the height of the pandemic, this allowed staff to continue performing their jobs safely by minimizing interaction with the public.”   

“Capturing imagery at the state level for all counties to use, potentially across all departments, maximizes the benefit for us,” said Brenda Henson, Director of the Wyoming Department of Revenue. “To me, there’s no question that the safety, efficiency and accuracy we gain is worth the investment.”  

Several counties, including Albany, Fremont, Laramie, Teton, Johnson, and Park have elected to purchase further capture of areas not covered by the state contract, some of which are being funded using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Laramie County has also added 3D mesh data to their imagery, allowing the county to use geo-referenced 3D Mesh layers through various 3D mapping applications for urban planning, asset management, emergency response planning, tax assessment and more.   

“EagleView is proud to continue serving the State of Wyoming and its 23 counties,” said Robert Locke, President of Government Solutions, EagleView. “Our aerial imagery covers 94 percent of the U.S. population. Combined with our ChangeFinder™ solution, EagleView helps counties provide fair and equitable valuations while keeping assessors safe and ensuring accurate property records.”  

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EagleView is a leader in geospatial technology, providing solutions that transform the way our customers work. EagleView has the largest geospatial data and imagery library ever assembled, encompassing 94 percent of the U.S. population. EagleView’s unique technology portfolio comprises more than 300 patents, enabling it to offer highly differentiated software, imagery, and analytics products for multiple industries.  


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