December 16, 2014

Case Study: El Paso County, Texas, Pushed to Change

El Paso, TexasWhen Dinah Kilgore stepped into the role of Executive Director and Chief Appraiser of the western-most county in Texas in 2007, she was faced with what’s best described as a Texas-sized challenge: the appraisal of just over 400,000 parcels spread out over 1,015 square miles.

“As soon as I took the job I started asking about aerial photography,” says Kilgore but she was told the cost couldn’t be justified. Within a matter of weeks of her initial queries, The Texas Property Tax Code was modified. Among the changes was the call for a reappraisal of property at least once every three years, including the physical measurement of at least two sides of every property.

“It was instantly clear to everyone that we couldn’t accomplish the task using traditional methods without a significant funding increase,” says Kilgore. “Even then, we’d need to hire and train new staff which would be incredibly time consuming. The change in standards definitely put a rush on the decision to change our approach. But I’ve never been so happy to have been pushed to change.”

As David Stone, Assistant Chief Appraiser for El Paso County, (EPCAD), explains, “We didn’t look long or hard for a software solution. We were already familiar with Pictometry® imagery through various conferences and such, so we knew it had the capability we wanted. But more importantly, we were operating on CAMA and Pictometry integrated with it seamlessly. We didn’t have to do a bit of work to marry the technologies.”

Since then, EPCAD hasn’t looked back. Learn about the impact Pictometry imagery has had for the agency.

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