July 7, 2021

We Bet You Can’t Guess 8/8 Using Only Orthogonal Imagery!

A stunning oblique that shows the full context of a neighborhood.

Put your eyes to the test!

There’s a common misconception among users of aerial imagery, such as local tax assessors and roofing contractors, that an orthogonal image (or top-down view) is perfectly fine to accurately identify and measure a property.

We’re here to bust that misconception!

aerial imagery
The oblique (or angled) image provides additional context such as height and pitch

Test your analysis skills and see if you can identify the structures below, simply from an orthogonal view. We’d be willing to bet that our patented oblique (angled view) image adds some much-needed perspective.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty!
Statue of Liberty
Let's start off with an easy one.
Gateway Arch
Did you make the Gateway Arch?
Gateway Arch
What can you make of this?
Hollywood Studios' Tower of Terror
It's Hollywood Studios' Tower of Terror!
Hollywood Studios
What building do you see here?
Washington Monument
We have a very famous landmark – the Washington Monument!
Washington Monument
What do we have here?
Three-tiered building
Could you tell that the center was twice as tall as the rest of the building? We'd be willing to wager a guess!
Three-tiered building
Change of pace. How much of a height difference is there between each section of this building?
Seattle Center Oblique View
Home of the Space Needle!
Seattle Center Ortho View
Here's an interesting neighborhood.
Flatiron Building
Of course – it's New York City's Flatiron Building!
New York City's Flatiron
Kind of an interesting triangle.
Hollywood Now
Welcome to Hollywood!
Last but not least…

How many did you get right?

If your answer is less than “all of them”, then you already see the value of oblique imagery. On the job, misidentifying even one structure could have disastrous consequences, from incorrect tax valuations to ordering the wrong amount of materials for a roofing job.

Our customers don’t want that to happen – and neither do we. That’s why we’ve spent the past two decades patenting and perfecting our oblique image capture technology, which delivers 4x the detail of standard aerial imagery and 70x that of satellite imagery.

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