October 22, 2018

People of EagleView: District Sales Manager Ryan Poots

Ryan Poots, District Sales Manager at EagleView, and his wife Jennifer

Ryan Poots

District Sales Manager for Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota

Ryan Poots, District Sales Manager at EagleView, and his wife Jennifer

Ryan Poots, District Sales Manager at EagleView, and his wife Jennifer

Hire Date: 2013

About Me

Having been born and raised in the small town of Seward, Nebraska, I made the state my permanent home. I earned my degree in Geography from the University of Nebraska and currently reside in Omaha with my wife Jennifer and our pets: a bordoodle (border collie/poodle) named Walter, and our cat, Jimmer.

I like to spend my downtime on the golf course. However, when the weather isn’t in my favor, you can find me strumming my acoustic guitar, spending time with my nieces and nephews, dreaming of visiting New Zealand, and of course, watching my alma mater, the beloved Cornhuskers. Go Big Red!

Ryan talks with Beadle County, SD, about EagleView's solutions and Pictometry imagery (photo: Huron Plainsman)

Ryan talks with Beadle County, SD, about EagleView’s solutions and Pictometry imagery (photo: Huron Plainsman)

The Job

What many people don’t know about me, besides the fact that I can wiggle my ears, is that prior to working at EagleView, I worked in Oklahoma City for the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments as a GIS Specialist and GIS Manager. EagleView sounded like the perfect fit based on my previous experience.

I began my journey with EagleView in 2013 as a Regional Technical Manager, becoming a District Sales Manager in 2017. In this position, I am responsible for the States of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. My days consist of finding new customers while also providing top-notch customer service to our existing ones.

Working at EagleView just felt right, especially when I discovered I was able to work close to where my family lives. The culture was energetic, and it just seemed like a cool place to work. To add to that, as a company, we are always on the cutting edge of new aerial technology, and the thought of being a part it was very exciting.

Walter the "dood"

Walter the “dood”

In my time at EagleView, I’ve come to understand the importance of how time management and conflict resolution can help me grow in my career. Being a remote employee, it’s not always as easy to manage your time as if you were based in an office, so I’ve learned to manage my time wisely. I’ve also learned how conflict resolution can make a difference in the workplace, especially when being customer facing. When problems do arise, I have become much more comfortable in dealing with the issues and quickly finding a solution that meets the customer’s expectations.

When I started here, I quickly realized that everyone is very intelligent and eager to lend a hand. For example, my boss, Craig Witmer, Regional Vice President of Government Sales for the Central Region, has been instrumental in my professional growth, and I could not ask for a better mentor. Another great example would be John Wenande, Regional Technical Manager for my district. After just recently starting his career at EagleView, he has done incredible work and has shown amazing potential. My goal is to provide career advice and act as a mentor to him, just as Craig has done for me.

Jimmer the cat, serving as EagleView spokespet

Jimmer the cat, serving as EagleView spokespet

Not only do our employees make EagleView a great place to work, but our customers deserve a shout-out as well—in fact, they’re my favorite part of my job. Interacting with them is a treat. Not only are our customers fun to be around, but they continue to offer us invaluable feedback and guidance as a company.

FutureView, our customer user conference, showed me exactly how much our customers value our products and support. While in San Antonio for FutureView 2014, I was introduced to the important role we play for our government customers.

As the industry continues to evolve, the relationships that I have developed and will develop are the single most important dynamic for our continued success. These relationships thrive on trust and candor. Our customers want innovation and support, and I’ve learned how crucial it is to listen to every conversation I have with a client, as their input must always be taken into consideration. They push us to be better. They’re why we do this and why we continue to revolutionize technology.

I encourage you to love your job, just as I do.

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