Collaboration with Aspen Contracting Results in WallsLite Reports

WallsLite ReportTo be successful in the insurance restoration business, you have to be fast. Homeowners need restoration companies like Aspen Contracting, Inc. to be on location after a catastrophe. Aspen makes it a point to be the first on the scene with solutions that save homeowners time, stress and money after a catastrophic event.

“Everyone wants things faster, easier and cheaper,” stated Patrick Nussbeck, president of Aspen Contracting. “When we are on the scene after a large storm we know that we need to be able to use technology to help the property owners get their life back in order. One of the technologies that we count on is EagleView Technologies.”

“We have been finding a large need for total restoration after a storm,” continued Nussbeck. “When hail hits, it does not just hit the roof, it hits the entire building. From the siding to the windows to the garage doors, we often find ourselves offering a complete restoration and we need accurate measurements.”

Nussbeck saw an opportunity for collaboration as he refined what he needed for wall measurements and approached the team at EagleView. “We wanted a wall report delivered fast, that was easy to understand, and a good value. Time is money and we do not want our sales representatives wasting time and money measuring,” confirmed Nussbeck.

In fact, Aspen prides its sales team on understanding what the property owner needs, which is usually strong, honest and open communication. Instead of measuring, they take the time to explain to the property owners what they will be doing, how they do things differently and what separates them from other contractors. “If we can have an extra five minutes or so talking with the customer instead of measuring, that makes all the difference in the world,” Nussbeck said.

“We always want to leverage technology to get the most done in the most efficient manner,” Nussbeck continued. “The Wall PremiumReport has an extreme amount of detail that we don’t always need. We needed a product that was fast, had extended coverage and was at a price point that worked for ordering it on every job. We always want to work with our partners, so the creation of WallsLite was a win-win.”

Aspen and the EagleView product team sat down and went through what was and wasn’t needed. “EagleView is the leader in aerial measurements and everyone knows that, “stated Nussbeck. “By EagleView measuring the walls it takes the question of accurate measurements out of the claims process. It makes it easy for all parties, insurance and contractor, to agree.

WallsLite launched mid-February of 2015 and Aspen was involved in the pilot leading up to the launch. According to Nussbeck, “We have been using the WallsLite report and it is working great. Our sales representatives are happier since they do not have to measure, our production is happier because they know it is correct, our customers are happier because we get to spend more time with them and the insurance carriers are happier because they know EagleView is accurate. It’s a win-win all the way around. We don’t plan on measuring any siding this year.”

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