Roofer: Using an EagleView Competitor “Almost Sank Me”

The Roofing Guys, a roofing company based out of Syracuse, New York, have doubled their sales each year over the eight years they have been in operation. Run by Mike Flynn and his wife Angela, the growing company began ordering EagleView reports in 2013 to see more accurate measurements for bids.


With a large team at their disposal, The Roofing Guys can typically complete jobs within about one day.

To create quicker estimates for prospective customers Mike and his team began using EagleView QuickSquares™ reports. QuickSquares reports give roofers an aerial image of the property along with the number of squares on the roof. After winning a bid, a roofer can upgrade to an EagleView PremiumReport™ at a reduced cost for full measurements, 3D diagrams, and additional aerial images of the roof.

When an EagleView competitor offered roof measurements at a reduced cost, Mike decided to go for it. But the results weren’t quite what he expected.

Although they were priced a bit lower, the competitor’s reports contained inaccuracies that resulted in thousands of dollars in added costs for The Roofing Guys. Incorrect measurements plagued The Roofing Guys, costing them significant amounts of money on sales and production. This resulted in reduced commissions and added costs, both of which The Roofing Guys had never encountered when using EagleView.

“They almost sank me,” Mike said of the competitor.

Phil Green, Inside Sales Representative at EagleView, and Jeff Karo, Director of Enterprise Construction Sales at EagleView, met with Mike and Angela to learn about their business needs. At the same time, the company was expanding, going from a home office to a showroom.

Mike told Jeff that although EagleView was more accurate, the competitor was saving him some money. EagleView reports come with guaranteed accurate measurements that are accepted by the largest insurance carriers in the United States.

“What are you really saving,” Jeff had asked, “if the other guy’s reports aren’t accurate?”

Since then, Mike has gone back to using EagleView reports. The inaccuracies that resulted from the competitor’s measurements haven’t resurfaced with EagleView reports on Mike’s side.

Additionally, The Roofing Guys business has continued to grow. After a severe windstorm in nearby Rochester, New York, Mike reached additional prospects in the region with EagleView reports. With the increased customer base, The Roofing Guys were able to open a second branch in Rochester.

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