May 5, 2022

NENA 2022 Session: How EagleView Aerial Imagery Innovation Saves Lives

EagleView is looking forward to connecting with local government professionals in emergency response, public safety, GIS mapping and public works at the upcoming NENA 2022 Conference & Expo.  

NENA 2022 Conference & Expo 

June 11-16, 2022 
Kentucky Intl Convention Center, Louisville, KY 
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Discover how high-resolution orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery drives efficiency, accuracy, and advanced insights across government departments when you connect with EagleView experts at the conference. Plus, don’t miss the chance to join us and learn more from our experts in our booth and at our Innovation Theater presentation.

Innovation Theater: How EagleView aerial imagery innovation saves lives 

June 13th – Location: Stage 2 (Expo Hall)
11:45 am-12:15pm
Speaker: Joe Oddi, Director of Partner Strategies (Government) at EagleView  

Listen as Joe Oddi, Director of Partner Strategies for Government at EagleView, discusses the ways EagleView’s high-resolution oblique and orthogonal aerial imagery and insights can help save lives and keep responders safer. Join for an in-depth session to learn how EagleView’s geo-referenced imagery integrates seamlessly with most Computer Aided Dispatch software, allowing 911 dispatchers and first responders to quickly locate callers and visualize the mission environment to support a successful outcome. Attendees will discover new advanced tools like 3D Mesh visualization, z-value geolocation and ultra high-resolution imagery. 

Stop by Booth #310 

June 13 10:00am-1:30pm and 4:00-6:00pm
June 14 9:15am – 4:00pm

Talk to our team to learn how our high-resolution oblique and orthogonal imagery can help increase efficiency across all government departments. From supporting remote desktop property tax assessments, to delivering certified orthomosaics for GIS, to advanced integrations with leading software tools for computer-aided dispatch, CAMA, and GIS applications, EagleView has exactly the imagery solutions you need to match to your priorities and budget. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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