June 20, 2023

EagleView’s Property Reports: The Most Accurate Measurements on the Market

For insurance carriers, adjusters, and underwriters, accuracy is key. 

Accurate property data, measurements, and material breakouts are the foundation for defensible property repair estimates and claims decisions – and essential to settling and processing claims in a way that’s satisfactory for both insurers and their policyholders. 

Fortunately, EagleView’s property reports make it easy to obtain incredibly precise roof and exterior wall measurements – remotely. Our reports are backed by high-resolution orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery and industry-leading measurement technology, making them a highly accurate option. 

Just how accurate are EagleView reports? Get the facts on EagleView’s property reports below.

Did you know?: High-resolution imagery is necessary to produce accurate property measurements, which is why EagleView leverages aerial imagery captured from fixed-wing aircraft equipped with high-tech cameras able to capture the highest resolution images on the market.

Did you know?: EagleView measurements deliver incredibly accurate measurements, up to 1/10th of a foot.

Did you know?: EagleView measurements are guaranteed to be more accurate than any other measurement tool on the market – including hand measuring! In fact, one insurance carrier found that adjusters over-measured 79% of the time, with an average overage of 10.87% per claim!

Unlock Highly Accurate Property Insights for your Organization 

EagleView’s high-resolution imagery and precise measurements can help you unlock the insights you need to enhance operational efficiencies and make more informed decisions. Whether you’re quoting potential policyholders, planning policy renewals, or validating claims, our measurement solutions can help you decide with confidence. 

Order your report today: my.eagleview.com  

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