EagleView Property Information Card

EagleView Property Information Card™

EPIC: Simplifying the assessment workflow

Accurate property data gives your department defensible records

Staffing shortages, tight reassessment deadlines, and time-consuming field inspections — assessors have their work cut out for them. With constant property change and information scattered across multiple systems, the need for site visits and manual data entry slows down property reviews, affecting your ability to be fair and equitable.

EPIC takes the legwork out of keeping your property record cards up to date. This solution streamlines the process, giving assessors access to detailed property images, data, and sketches.

EagleView Property Information Card

EagleView Property Information Card

EPIC: Simplifying the Assessment Workflow

EPIC gives your office the ability to:

  • Spot year-over-year change easily with aerial imagery and automated change detection
  • Complete valuations on time with current staff
  • Focus efforts on evaluating properties with significant changes
  • Reduce field visits and manual data entry
  • Shorten the appeals process with accurate, up-to-date information to defend property valuations
  • Verify image-derived data to document appraisals and reduce potential audits

Property Sketch

Creating accurate sketches

  • Acquire property sketches derived from high-resolution oblique imagery for a safer alternative to field measurements
  • Reduce dependencies on manual field visits for complex structures
  • Review complete parcel diagrams, including garages, porches, patios, decks, and pools

See how EagleView can Simplify the Assessment Workflow

Property Viewer

Viewing up-to-date imagery

  • Review high-resolution oblique or orthogonal imagery to visualize property detail and condition
  • Access recent and historical imagery quickly for a clear view of change
  • Measure distance, area, height, elevation, and slope of parcel objects



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