A clear path to answers

TreeRisk™: A clear path to answers

TreeRisk™’s up-to-date orthogonal and oblique imagery is designed specifically to determine vegetation encroachments and identify locations of greatest risk along utility corridors.

TreeRisk helps vegetation managers pinpoint encroachment risks and confidently take action to mitigate them. Thanks to TreeRisk’s web-based platform, precision imagery, and complete datasets, users can generate, view, and share highly accurate maps while eliminating paper waste, reducing field time, and significantly decreasing mitigation expenses.


TreeRisk enables vegetation managers to:

  • Visualize vegetation encroachments on utility lines—including vegetation height above ground—using photorealistic imagery instead of LiDAR
  • Identify problem areas of overgrowth and potential tree fall to schedule field crews for mitigation
  • Enhance risk assessment and mitigation with more accurate imagery and better data to avoid regulatory fines and lost revenue


EagleView at Kentucky’s Conference on Assessment Administration: Day 2

With TreeRisk, Utility companies can:

  • Import imagery and 3D point cloud data into any vegetation management system at a greater level of accuracy than LiDAR
  • Integrate utility GIS content and/or CAD line drawings to rank areas of greatest risk and prioritize mitigation
  • Reference the TreeRisk Mapbook online or in the field to view clearance issues and surrounding foliage
TreeRisk - MapBook


Feature TreeRisk TreeRisk Complete
3D Point Cloud Model check check
Orthogonal + Oblique Imagery check check
Minimum Clearance View check check
TreeRisk Mapbook PDF check check
Integration of Client-Supplied CAD Line Drawings + GIS Data check
Detailed Proximity View with Color-Coded Risk Ranking check


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